Fund A Life

Today, I want to talk about a non-profit that, though I only recently became aware of, I am deeply passionate about them and their cause.  I first learned of it through a coworker who is the sister-in-law of the founder, Mark Howell.  In October 2012, he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Melanoma.  Mark’s community raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help him and his family cover medical costs.  Because of these neighbors, he was able to travel around the United States and get the care he needed to help beat cancer.  Mark wanted to give the same opportunity to others going through catastrophic life events.  In 2015, as a cancer survivor, he established the Fund A Life Foundation to support this effort.  They do constant fundraising so funds can always be available for those in need, instead of fundraising on an as needed basis.  As of now, Fund A Life focuses on the Michigan community, but has a vision to expand their outreach across the country.

Another one of our coworkers in no stranger to chronic illnesses.  His amazing wife has been battling multiple heath issues for years, only recently getting a diagnosis – Long QT Syndrome.  Many of her treatments aren’t covered by insurance, so hospital bills have been piling up.  She is one of the most giving, caring people I’ve crossed paths with – even when enduring tough times of her own.  She has helped family members get the proper resources when overcoming addiction and has saved dogs from abusive homes.  She has also volunteered her time to create a fundraising event for SADS (Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndromes), a wonderful resource for people with heart disorders.

FundALife SM

Once Fund A Life became aware of their story, the began putting the plan in place to help and set up a surprise reveal of their grant approval.  I was brought into the surprise-planning process to help ensure he would be in the office.  I scheduled a fake meeting so he would be in our HR office – a more secluded area.  A few moments after he arrived, Mark walked into our office with a Publisher’s Clearing House sized check.  The recipient was truly surprised and very grateful.  He shared an update of their most recent medical battles and that his wife has been feeling anxious about the bills they owe.  I am also grateful to Fund A Life for providing an opportunity for this family to pay off medical bills and help in the recovery process.  It was a very special moment that I feel honored to witness.  Our company’s motion graphics team also caught the reveal and is putting together a video for the Fund A Life website, so you can share in witnessing the moment once the video is posted.

FundALife SM2

I have reached out to Mark, because Fund A Life is a foundation which I would love to be involved.  If this non-profit could help you in your health journey or it’s a cause you want to help with, follow this link to learn more:

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